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dougieI’m a retired silver and gold smith and for over 30 years I’ve been independently surveying ancient monuments throughout Scotland in regard to their possible solar/lunar orientations. So far I’ve surveyed about 300 sites and this also includes rock art. To date I’ve have managed to photograph over 200 solar events as well as a few lunar ones at the major and minor standstills. I also suggest that a deeper understanding of the beliefs of the people who built these monuments can be seen in Gaelic and Scandinavian folklore.



7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Congratulations on putting together such a well designed website illustrating your extensive fieldwork with your findings photos and ideas and a great title name. Your work should be more well known, it deserves more attention.


      • I’m not a professional archaeologist so like you I am free to explore ideas which attempt to make sense of the beliefs and motivations of the people who created these structures and their alignments. My favourite hypothesis combines the accepted idea of a residual spirit presence in stones and bones with a belief in reincarnation a return or rebirth of such spirits. Rebirth and return would be associated with the cycles and positions of the moon and presumably death and departure with those of the sun?


    • I tried, but couldn’t get back to you for some reason. The trouble is with the shot that Jack mentioned is that it is badly blurred and it does not actually do what I thought it did at the time I spoke to him. I do not to share my pictures, as I intend to use them in my own publications.


    • David, I’m asked all the time by people if they can use my photographs and I always refuse as I intend to use them myself. Each one of these, even the crap ones, takes a lot of effort to get. Sometimes it takes a number of visits to sites hundreds of miles away just to get the right shot. I once had to take a publisher to court after they had used a picture that I had denied them from using. I won that and received compensation. All the best with compiling Jack’s work. He was a nice man and I’m sorry to hear that he had died.


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